Monday, January 14, 2013

Photography Equipment Kuwait

  Photography Equipment in kuwait. I really love photography. Its amazing. photography and equipment and kuwait are some really nice words to put together. I love these words. But wanna know what I also love? Photography. And I really love putting equipment and kuwait together they make such a great pair. But what happens when you put all three together? Whats a three pair called?

   Two are called a pair, so three must be called a pineapple. Photography Equipment in Kuwait would be a pineapple. But then again Whats the difference between photography equipment in kuwait and photography equipment kuwait? I don't know the difference. Do you? Holy Photography Equipment in Kuwait
  But also holy photography equipment in kuwait. Jeez. I must be going crazy saying this again, and again. But i do really like saying it. I mean who doesn't like saying photography equipment in kuwait. And who doesn't like saying photography equipment kuwait either? Oh well I guess I must be going crazy aren't I if I'm correct. All hail photography (and popcorn). All hail Kuwait (and popcorn). I hope I'm spelling hail correctly! (and popcorn) Equipment!

Photography Equipment Kuwait

Photography Equipment Kuwait
Photography Equipment Kuwait

Photography Equipment Kuwait

Photography Equipment Kuwait

Photography Equipment in Kuwait

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Photography Equipment in Kuwait

Photography Equipment in Kuwait

Photography is the most popular thing in Kuwait these days, and mostly all around the world. From photography, people can take pictures of good memories and remember them after years and remember all the good times they had. In addition, you can take pictures of nature, trips your going on and visiting your favorite country and taking photographs. There are many bases of having a good resolution of a picture .
One of the reasons you need good photography equipment, such as lenses, will give the picture great resolution and quality, which will make it clearer and more valuable. In Kuwait many people sell photography equipment. There are different types of lenses and from different brands. For example, you can find lenses from Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and other big companies. The price of the lens depends on what type of lens you are taking, but most of them are very expensive.
The second thing is having the camera in a good position, which will give a certain touch to the photo. With the touch you give to the photo, you will have a better look of the photo. And having a good position will make your background good and will attract you or even other people. In addition, most of the photographers who are beginners make mistakes in the photo by taking bad backgrounds or views. 
One of the other things, which will make your photo more valuable, is being ready with your camera. Being ready is the most important thing in taking a good photo. For example, if you are taking photographs of a soccer match. In every second you can take a good picture, but you have to be ready first. Lets say that the player is kicking the ball. It will be a great shot to take a picture while the player is kicking the ball. 
 Another important thing and it's very useful for anyone who makes videos or movies. It's the different types of stands. When you have stand 100% you will not have a shaky video or picture. And in the movies you don't want to have shaky video. There is a stand that is special for cars. You can put the camera in the stand and put the stand on the car from the outside and it would not fall. This is good if you are having a movie about cars, for example Fast Five.

Written by Fahad Abulhasan
Edited by Fahad Al-Ayoub


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Photography Equipment Kuwait Video (Lens)

This is a short PowerPoint about lenses which we created. We'll have more videos on equipment, and even a tutorial on how to sign up for courses in Kuwait! Thanks and happy photographing! (That might not even be a word)

by Fahad Al-Ayoub    Fahad Abulhasan

Monday, January 7, 2013

Photography Courses in Kuwait

       Many more Kuwaitis seem to be taking interest in photography lately. But where are the best places to find photography courses in Kuwait? In this article you'll find everything you need about photography courses in Kuwait.
      If your looking online, has not only courses in photography, but many other sports and fields as well. You can set their search engine to search courses in a specific field, in this case photography, check the duration of the course, and when it starts. The prices depend on the course. 
      Bayt Lothan is also another place where you could find photography courses. You could visit their website and check out their photography club. They have several types of memberships to choose from!

      If you're lazy and just want to learn at home or online, you could order the DVD "Learn and Master Photography" at 

by Fahad Al-Ayoub
Check back for updates on this article! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Photography Equipment Kuwait

This article is about photography equipment in Kuwait. Many people in Kuwait are experts with professional cameras, so they'll need some equipment. For example a bag for the camera and a stand. There are many places that sell these types of equipment you can find them all over the city. The photography equipment could get quite expensive, and so is the repair. 
         One of the photography equipment is a lens. The lenses can be divided to different categories. There are special lenses for taking photos underwater, nature, and for sports (for example football).  If you want to buy these types of equipment you'll have to know which category or what type of picture you're taking, because it can make a big difference when it comes to the quality of your picture. There is also lenses that are called macro lenses. These types of lenses are useful for scientists who like to take pictures of micro organisms, and the even the quality would be perfect. And the last lens that I will mention is the Tilt-Shift Lens. The shift part of a tilt-shift lens lets you take pictures of a building  from ground level with good quality. As you can see quality is the most important thing when it comes to photography (Obviously). Bad quality, bad photo. Good quality, and taking a photo of your trashcan would be beautiful.

Another type of photography equipment are flashes.  These flashes can be used for photos taken in the dark. It will help them see the dark or dull things. Flashes can make big difference in the quality of a photo.

          There is also camera support, which includes the camera stand and a double action ballhead. The camera stand can help hold the camera in place, instead of using your hands. With the camera stand you can also have a wireless trigger which will help you take pictures of yourself or a group, if no one is willing to be left out to take it. 

Another thing and the most important about photography equipment is the memory stick. There are different types of memory sticks. There are memory sticks with more space which will allow you to take more photos. There are memory sticks that have high performance and take pictures very quickly, which are the best since you can always save your pictures somewhere else (like your computer), then delete them form the memory stick if you need more space.

By Fahad Abulhasan

Edited by Fahad Al-Ayoub